Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can someone tell me what kind of world we live in...?

Boom! Biff! ... Tad! Drawing Adam West as Batman is always good wholesome clean fun, Citizen. Here's a rendering I did a fews days before shoving off to TikiCon, sans Batmobile. 

It is what it is. :P


Ironman--new illustration Part Deux

Ironman with traditional colors, part 2. Am I crazy for not wanting to go digital? (This is a one room insane asylum so, let me be. :)) Currently I am nitpicking the art and will have it up to show in it's completeness...soon. 'Scuze my A.D.D. but there's just too much going on right now and much seems to be vying for my attention.

Anyway, here's a quarter piece of Ironman.

(Is it just me or do uploaded images to Blogger seem to really fade out? My original jpeg has quite a bit more color intensity to it than what is seen here. Not that lame excuses will benefit my work, but I need every little bit of sum'un sum'un I can get to appear to look better. Help meeee!)

Be well,