Saturday, April 21, 2012

Four vintage guys

Who, I'm not sure, and from when in history, I don't know. However I liked the reference and warmed it up a bit. Photograph of my original oversized drawing with some filters and blurring added.


"Squint" Eastwood. Making my day.

Clint Squint'in Eastwood.

I can feel the heat off the desert plain now.



Sketchcards from Stanleyart

With a little nudge, I can make the pencil make lines on paper stock. It's amazing. :)
I've got new card stock coming up and then I'll begin to sell these little suckers. 
Be Well-

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scott Cranford Superman Portfolio. The Return of a long dormant project?

Since meeting my friend, Scott P. Cranford, back in 2002, I've always believed his Steve Reeves/ Kirk Alyn resemblances made him the solid character model for Superman. Certainly for 8 years the city of Metropolis, Illinois thought so too, as Scott portrayed Superman annually for the city's Superman Celebration.

Years ago I set out to produce a Superman Portfolio and had high-hopes of submitting it to DC for review. Although, here it is, what, 10 years later, and the project is still incomplete. From countless thumbnails, to designing and creating brand-new Super-Cran costumes, seamlessly seamed together by my friend, Lisa Huggins, to hundreds if not thousands of reference poses, and multiple drawings, the project has yet to coming close to the finish line.

Honestly I wish I had a sane reason for the project not being finished and ready to show. But looking back on the years my guess would be that I simply favored paying freelance gigs and fatherhood over this portfolio. Don't get me wrong, both were wise-decisions mind you, although my time-lordship has improved greatly, my kids are older and my interest with this project has begun to come back-- and I want to resume it.

And maybe I will.
Montaged photos of Scott P. Cranford in the process of being illustrated
into Superman. Canson paper stock. Stanleyart © 2005
Sketchbook image of Scott Cranford as Superman, or more
appropriately, "Super-Cran".
Stay Tuned.