Saturday, October 5, 2013

And the Braves, Yankees, and Padres--take the field.

Good grief! Has it been since April that I posted anything on my own blog?! I'm trying to rationalize the lapse in posting and the only thing that comes to mind is Facebook. Me thinks it was around April that I decided to re-inlist and begin self-promoting an art-page there. And that seems to be working out ok. I can post art, say little, and it doesn't require that I resume a full-fledged social account with them, which is really the way I prefer it. Show art, talk less.

Anyway, here, are some recently released Leaf Masterworks 2013 sketch cards that I Copiced out. These have been released, some are on Ebay at the moment for sale, and they all have neat authentic signature direct from the athletes. Leaf's got some really great stuff going on right now, and I'm happy to be working with them. More to follow and thanks for reading.