Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012--All new--It's comin'.

Stay Tuned. New look, new stuff, and --new stuff. :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Star Wars Art--on the cave walls I call!

Wha'd I tell you? I knew the caffine drip would soon hit my sleen and send me running! There is now new artwork posted on! Can you believe! My fingers moved and made artwork!

"Duh, gee George, yew shew arh schmart!"


My website is filled with 'carp'.

You know--all I needed to do to be reminded of how far behind I am was to go look at my website. What a mess, and how am I representing myself? Oh, with thousand year old Stanleyart! I swear, some of the pieces on my site were uncovered in an archological dig. You can find my stuff on the cave walls that the National Geographic guys are swearing was drawn by cavemen, but were in fact drawn by me. My junk is that old!
Let me shield my eyes. Quick! Someone throw a few punches so my orbs can swell shut like Stallones did in Rocky 1-6.

Oh the humanity. Shield your eyes.


Ugh! What am I doing to myself?

For the last, I dunno, 100 years of my life, I've sabotaged every movement I make in terms of building my career. How do I do this? By doing NOTHING. Live fat and sassy for a while on savings or royalties or just by being lazy and apathetic and dining @ every buffet that won't refuse someone who has tried desparately in the past to mishape his body by over-indulgence and become a human watermelon the size of Lake Michigan!

Now I rant no more. It's time to be real busy, and I'm really, really about to be. My new long-term goals are established and set, my new time-lordship papers came in a few weeks ago, annnnd I've got my pencils, pens, and airbrush filled with acrylics ready to go.

This cretin has his motivation back. Suffer a little while and you'll either accept your conditions, or you'll do every darn thing it takes to make change happen, both physical and professional.

Wait. Just wait.