Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clowning around town.

Prismacolor on red Canson stock.
It's rarer these days for me to demo in public, (let alone setting aside time to,) but I was able at the recent PCS Arts Festival. This years theme was based on clowns & circus. So following the direction of my dear friend and art teacher extreme, Mrs. Duffy, an oversized clown emerged on my easel which drew out many decorated smiley faced students with many solid art questions.

Here's a digital snap right before I packed it up and split.

My most rewarding off-site art moment of the year by far.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Ghost 'Writer" disowned.

Bummer to read this about Gary Friedrich. We've talked a few times @ shows we guested at together, and I had high hopes the ownership rights could have been resolved and that he could have been integrated back into the Marvel workplace. Didn't expect this for the outcome. Wow.



Judgment has finally been passed in the Gary Friedrich (creator of Ghost Rider) versus Marvel Comics case, and what judgment it is. The courts have ruled against Friedrich, requesting the colossal sum of $17,000 from the one-time freelancer for Marvel in a shameful show of corporate greed. While the evidence is stacked against Marvel with numerous accounts and documents (many of which you can read for yourself here) with Friedrich’s ideas clearly having been conceived before his employment with Marvel, the decision rested solely on the “work-for-hire” agreements signed by Marvel workers back around 1978. In essence, the “work-for-hire” clauses (on the back of paychecks, no less) were a clever way for Marvel to usurp any and all creative rights from those who would submit work, commissioned or otherwise.
This sneaky stipulation worked to keep Marvel Comics in the clear, demanding the hefty sum in exchange for Friedrich’s monetary gains related to the Ghost Rider name. Friedrich has been shafted, for lack of a better term, and all for a few measly words on a piece of paper, proving that in the corporate world, nothing is ever truly yours until you get it in writing. While unfortunate for Friedrich, it should serve as a warning for any freelancer or young comic artist looking to establish a name for themselves.
It’s a shame, and one good reason to reconsider seeing the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. We doubt Marvel will be having Friedrich over for a viewing party any time soon.
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