Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Drawing by Barrett--Good stuff!

This book is filled with some A+ rendering and insightful
lessons in drawing, seeing, making sense of collected shape.

Truly I am giddy with nutrients, and this book is sugar filled, for I am carb deficient right now craving some pudding.

Inspired to scribble, yessir.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mars Attacks Gene Simmons!

I'm waiting for granny to yell out, "They killed Congress!"

Had an urge to draw one of the big brained "Nyah Nyah!" Martians from Mars Attacks

Somehow Gene Simmons made it into the deck too. I guess I'll eventually add Peter Criss, Ace Frehley & Star-Child namesake Paul Stanley into the sketchcard pile.

My list of finished cards continues to grow and obscure faces seem to be more common as I scrounge for reference. I found a shot of Charles Dickens and an authentic(?)Henri Toulouse Lautrec photograph taken from the late 1800's that should make for some interesting pieces of tiny art. This sketchcard exercise has encouraged the need to look for different models and I really have enjoyed the time spent on rendering them thus far.

Of course recognizable mugs like; Al Bundy, Oliver Wendall Douglas & Austin Powers are completed renderings and they will have supporting cast members joining them before I hit my magic number of 365. 

Color illustrations are comfortably being worked on by day and these fun little cards by night-- when the trailer park is quiet. Peace in the valley. Stay tuned