Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Scott Cranford/Metropolis of Superman
2000-2007. Marker, Prismacolors, and airbrush
on Canson paper stock.
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Ichiro Suzuki! I am not a motorcycle! I am a human being-- who plays amazing baseball!

Ichiro Suzuki is my latest sketch card on sale on Ebay.
Be sure to check it and others out there I have up for auction,.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Henry Cavill---Man of Steel.

Copic markers and airbrush on
Versicolor stock.
My only two renderings of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Superman, thus far. More to follow as the hype begins on Superman Vs. Batman. They really shouldn't fight, they should just go eat and enjoy the work of their seamstresses.

My first Superman cover. Technically.
Variant blank cover comic with
Copics, airbrush & colored pencil.

Ty Cobb? Why that's "Musial" to my ears!

Ty Cobb, baseball legend.
Copic markers and airbrush on
Leaf brand sketch card stock.
Baseball MLB players and sports legends, Ty Cobb,
and Stan Musial--who wouldn't love a name like, "Stan"?
Stan Musial, baseball legend.
Copic markers and airbrush on
Leaf brand sketch card stock.

My personal Star Wars saga continues---

V-19 Star Fighter. Copic markers and airbrush.
Sometimes my fingers will move a little and art comes forth. Amazing how that happens sometimes. More Star Wars sketch card vehicles to peruse. 

Hope you enjoy.


The Battle of Hoth. Copic markers and airbrush.

You're going down, buddy. Copic markers and airbrush

New art!---Psych!!!

Actors Dulé Hill and James Roday. Copic markers &
airbrush on Versicolor stock.
New artwork? Really? Yes? Psych! 

Here's Shawn Spencer and Gus Guster from one of my favorite tv shows, "Psych". Be sure to check it out if you've not before. 
Seven seasons worth and all very funny!

Thanks for looking!