Sunday, December 27, 2015

1966 Batman. What's not to love about the ole' Bat and his trustiest side kick?

 Grayscale rendering completed on the variant white cover. The color version is complete. (Copics on bristol cover stock.)

Batman vs. Superman. Seriously?

Another cover being worked on. Hope to be completed by Sunday or Monday. Stay Tuned.
Ichiro Suzuki! Where'd he come from? Who knows, but dude can play some ball!

Run, Barry, Run! Flash's got you covered!

A variant blank cover Flash comic with a hint of Stanleyart. My love for these type of comics grows everyday. I used my typical illustration formula for this one: Copics, airbrushed acrylics, and colored pencil on bristol cover stock. Lots of fun drawing CW's Flash and the mysterious "Zoom" character.