Friday, March 29, 2013

Turning over a new 'Leaf'.

Wonderful new client, even better creative director--
The Leaf Card Company just released the 2013 Best of Leaf Hockey Cards in the market place just a few short weeks ago and obscure sketch cards seem to be popping up on Ebay and on other internet sport hot spots. While the sport of hockey isn't even on my radar, the big time players, both historical and contemporary, are admittedly a lot of fun to draw. I mean-- who wouldn't want to draw a toothless strongman carrying a menacing grim reaper-like stick who wears a mask like Mike Myers?!

Great personalities, great faces! This was a fun job.
Thanks for looking.


Dan Orgill said...

Steve, you remind me of me with the sports related stuff. I don't follow anything, but the big name players are still fun to draw....I can't figure that one out!

Jonathan Caron said...

Hey Steve! I am a hockey collector, and I opened quite a few Best of Hockey boxes. I pulled one of your Stan Mikita sketches, and I must say it's my favorite one by far! You are really talented. Thank you for sharing your talent with the hockey collectors!

Who is Steve Stanley? said...

Hey Dan, regarding the hockey guys--they're like caricatures, respectfully speaking, which makes it easier to capture them on paper.

I reviewed your work and your caricature stuff is great! Love the Paul Bearer image especially. God rest his soul. :( Thanks for the note.


Who is Steve Stanley? said...

Hey Jonathan!

Thanks for dropping by and posting your comment. I appreciate the kind words.


Julie Ingram said...

Did you go to Middle School in Buena Park? Julie Lemke